More neighborhood secrets

Hidden spots in Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park and more.

At theDANK Haus German American Cultural Center(4740 N Western Ave, 773-561-9181) in Lincoln Square, a marksmen’s club shoots air rifles every Wednesday. New members welcome.…When we’re craving a Matchbox margarita—powdered-sugar rim and all—we head toGunner’s Bar and Grill(1467 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-360-7650) in Wicker Park, a sister bar that’s bigger, less crowded and serves the same drink menu.…Lincoln Park’s makeout point? Drive to the top of the parking garage at the Regal Webster Place 11(1471 W Webster Ave, 773-348-0137) for a surprisingly breathtaking skyline view.…Go house-gazing in Wrigleyville’s Alta Vista Terrace District(Alta Vista Terrace and Byron St), a tidy line of 40 single-family homes designed to mimic London row houses.…The Ravenswood Event Center(4011 N Ravenswood Ave, 773-388-2170) has a striking car collection, from classic Fords to modern muscle cars.…Forget Whole Foods. Tiny Lincoln Park grocery store Big Apple Finer Foods (2345 N Clark St, 773-880-5800) has one of the best-stocked butcher counters in Chicago, with low prices and a knowledgeable staff, too.…Looking for a good beer in Lincoln Square? Skip the usual suspects and dive into K’s Dugout(1930 W Foster Ave, 773-561-2227), which, despite its no-frills appearance, boasts a surprising array of craft brews.…We’ve been tipped off that the office building next to the Hard Rock Hotel(230 N Michigan Ave, 312-345-1000) would please any Peeping Tom—apparently Hard Rock guests find it hard to close the curtains.