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  1. Walther P22

  2. Hi-Point

  3. Military Armament Corporation STINGER Pen Gun .22LR

  4. ARES Defense Systems Company Flashlight Gun, top, Stinger Pen Gun, bottom

  5. G.R.A.D. RS1 Knife Gun

  6. Bond Arms Cowboy Defender

Outlawed firearms in Chicago

These six guns are among the weapons still banned in Chicago.


Walther P22
The semiautomatic was designed with a threaded barrel, making it way too easy to attach silencers, which are illegal in Chicago.

All models from this Dayton, Ohio–based manufacturer are outlawed because the city believes the company’s value-priced firearms cater to criminals.

ARES Defense Systems Company Flashlight Gun
Are you afraid of the dark? This Maglite look-alike operates like a flashlight, but the handle end fires a .410-gauge shotgun round. ARES has discontinued production, but these covert weapons remain in circulation.

Stinger Pen Gun
In the case of this single-shot pistol the size of a BIC ballpoint, the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

G.R.A.D. RS1 Knife Gun
Ever heard the saying “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”? This hybrid .22-caliber revolver hidden in the handle of a knife makes bringing both frighteningly convenient.

Bond Arms Cowboy Defender
This pocket-size pistol may have a kickass name, but it doesn’t have a trigger guard, which the city requires.

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