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Polish bar phrases

Popular sayings for ordering drinks-and avoiding fights-in Polish bars.

By David Tamarkin

I’ll have a bottle of beer, please.
Poprosze piwo.
(Po-PRO-shay PEE-vo.)

Which vodka is the best?
Ktora wodka jest najlepsza?
(Kah-TOR-a VOOD-kah yest nigh-LEHP-shaw?)

I’ll have five shots of vodka, please.
Poprosze piec kieliszkow wodki.
(Po-PRO-shay painsh kelly-SCOOF VOOD-key.)

What’s that person’s name? Is she single?
Jak ona ma na imie? Czy ma chlopaka?
(Yak O-nah mah nah EE-mi-eh? Chay mah woe-PAH-kah?)

I don’t want any trouble.
Nie szukam zadnych problemow.
(Nyah SHU-kahm SHAHD-neek pro-BLEHM-off.)

Leave me alone.
Zostaw mnie w spokoju.
(ZOH-stahf nyeh vah-spoke-OH-you.)

Drinks for everybody!
Drinki dla wszystkich!
(DRIN-kee dah-LAH SCHVIST-keek!)

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