Public eye | Chicagoans on Chicago edition

Average Chicagoans dish on what they love about the city and what they could live without.

LOVE �Chicago�s the best sports city in America! Think about it: The Cubs-Sox rivalry is fun, we had Michael Jordan in the �90s, the Bears have been doing really well, the Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup. Whether it�s baseball, football, hockey, anything�if you love sports, this is the place to be.� HATE �I hate that the Cubs haven�t won a championship in 102 years! It�s embarrassing, man.� �Emmanuel Ortega, 22, catering employee, Humboldt Park
LOVE �I was born and raised here, so I�ve been around a long time. Let me tell you: Chicagoans are friendly, giving, loving, nice. We�re quintessentially Midwestern. Every single day, someone I know�or even someone I don�t know�will help me out, lend a hand in some way.� HATE �The El noise is what I hate about Chicago! It really grates on me, especially when I�m trying to have a conversation on the street.� �Judy Calabretta, 62, executive secretary of the Secretary of State, LaGrange
LOVE �I love that you can see stars in Chicago. It may not be L.A., but you can see rap stars and famous TV people on the street sometimes right in front of you, in real life!� HATE �I hate that when you�re in trouble and you need the police, sometimes they don�t come. There was a break-in in my apartment. Luckily, I wasn�t home. When I discovered what happened and called 911, it took 45 minutes to an hour for them to get there. And I live right by the police station, too! �Simonne Grampton, 21, Truman College student, West Side