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Ricky Breen, 18; Skyler Vanderhoff, 19

College buddies feel out their fashion sense.

Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki

Grant Park

I found Waldo!
I get that all the time! [Laughs]

The beanie isn’t helping.
It’s Where’s Waldo? chic. I love it. And this shirt is, like, that gross towel material.

Where are you headed?
Uh, we’re going to pick up his pants for a wedding.
Ripped my last pair climbing a fence! [Laughs]

How do you know each other?
When we moved into the dorms last fall, he was the first friend I made. We were both trying to figure out our fashion identities.
I was in the hard-core scene back in high school in Ohio. Sooo many piercings and shit! My right ear was gauged and I had a glass scorpion in it. I got a gigantic tattoo on my chest that said, count your fucking blessings. I got fucking covered because it got me in too much trouble.
I came from a little farm town in northwest Illinois, and was still wearing denim shirts. We had corn, soybeans, horses. I don’t think I wore clothes until I was eight, then my outfit was overalls. I’ve since settled on a ’50s look.

Why ape such a conservative period?
It really embodies my idea of what a man is. It’s stylish but not ostentatious.

Does your ’50s fixation carry over to whom you date?
It does. What I find attractive is a good, wholesome girl. I want a girl who goes to church every Sunday and blushes if I say something vulgar.