Sarah Albert, 22

Hair stylist talks punk.
Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki
By Jake Malooley |

California and Milwaukee Avenues

Where are you headed? I work as a stylist at Mops Beauty Shop down the street. I love it!

Do people want you to do terrible things to their hair? For some reason, people see me and they’re suddenly like, “I want a Mohawk!” I get 40-year-old dudes who want, like, jock ’hawks. They usually mention that they like Slipknot, so it can get awkward.

Where did you get your leather jacket? This local company Full Breach 77. They were just featured in Vogue, the one with Adele
on the cover. It’s a white jacket in this American biker-jacket style. I’d hate to say that Vogue is going punk, but it looks very feminine in the magazine, like Stevie Nicks–esque.

You have to explain your “Gag on this!” badge. It’s for my friend’s band the Gaggers. My best friend actually dates their singer.

Are you also in the habit of dating band guys? No, I’m quite single. I try to stay away from them, actually.

They’re bad news? The best ones. [Laughs] The difference is that I’m actually into the music. I’m collecting a lot of U.S. private-press psych and garage. I just got Thee Caesars of Trash original LP. Billy Childish from the Milkshakes is in the band.

What’s the next show you’re looking forward to? I’m flying to Baltimore to see my friends from the Biters perform as a KISS cover band.

Classic KISS or Unmasked KISS? Makeup KISS, I really hope.