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Sister Anne Flanagan, 55

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Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki
By Jake Malooley |

Randolph and Dearborn Streets

Where you headed? To St. Peter’s for daily mass—a part of my life for 40 years. 

Are there other regulars? Tourists often notice the humongous crucifix on the building. They pop in and realize, Oh my God, I’ve just stepped into a portal of heaven! Then they tweet about it. 

Are you on Twitter? Oh, yes. My handle is @nunblogger.

Do you think Jesus would’ve tweeted, if the technology existed? I don’t. He was all about non-mediated connection. He would’ve let people put him up on YouTube. [Laughs]

Big summer plans? I’m going to a conference for Catholic social-media people and on a retreat in Boston.

Do nuns party up during retreat? Retreat is eight days of silence. [Laughs] At the end, we may have coffee and cookies. When you live a very moderate life, it doesn’t take much to have a party.  

Obviously, everything I know about the nunhood I learned from Sister Act. Hey, there are times when Sister Act is right on target!

How did you get into the habit? I met the Daughters of St. Paul one day at one of their bookstores. There’s one at 172 North Michigan Avenue. The nun at the counter said, “We print these books ourselves at our publishing house.” I was like, “Oh, well, that’s nice,” because she’s a nun and you have to be polite. Then she said, “It’s our mission to use media to serve the church.” And I was like, This is the life for me: Jesus and the media in one unified life!

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