Smells like team spirit

This year's Bears still seem to be hibernating off their Super Bowl hangover. If you're ready to jump ship, our handy guide shows you where to spend your game days.
By Tim McCormick and Liz Plosser |

Tripoli Tap
1147 W Armitage Ave (773-477-4400)
Super Bowl odds 1/3
Specials You might find a New England delicacy on the menu, but we’ll call drunken Beantowners dropping their r’s “special.”
Extra points Tripoli makes Bostonians feel at home for the big games with chowdah, lobster boils or “stuffies”: baked clams with quahog clam “meat,” bread crumbs and peppers.
Next game Sunday 18 at 7:15pm, Patriots versus Bills

Houndstooth Saloon
3438 N Clark St (773-244-1166)
Super Bowl odds 7/2
Specials “Don’t mess with Texas”? We’re sure that goes double when this bar pours $3 you-call-its and $1 Jäger shots all day Sundays.
Extra points A dedicated fan base busts out a bullhorn after every ’Boys score, and Southern treats like chicken-fried steak are making their way onto the menu.
Next game Sunday 18 at 3:15pm, Cowboys versus Redskins; Thanksgiving Day at 3:15pm versus Jets (bar will be open)

Mullen’s Bar and Grill
3527 N Clark St (773-325-2319)
Super Bowl odds 4/1
Specials A Mullen’s secret recipe, the Blue Colts Shot ($4). Burgers ($4 on Sundays) and other bar fare round out the food options.
Extra points Jason Esterl, the barkeep who cemented the Colts tradition here, was almost teary telling us about the Stokely jersey he received from a customer this season.
Next game Sunday 18 at noon, Colts versus Chiefs; Thanksgiving Day at 7:15pm versus Falcons (bar will be open)

Will’s Northwoods Inn
3030 N Racine Ave (773-528-4400)
Super Bowl odds 13/2
Specials While it’s not a special per se, the Bloody Mary here is made the Wisconsin way—with a pickle in the glass and a beer chaser on the side.
Extra points Gratis cheese curds, cheese-and-sausage platters and beer-boiled brats. Halftime also features a raffle for Packer garb, like those damn cheeseheads.
Next game Sunday 18 at noon, Packers versus Panthers; Thanksgiving Day at 11:30am versus Lions (bar will be open)

Dark Horse Tap & Grill
3443 N Sheffield Ave (773-248-4400)
Super Bowl odds 12/1
Specials Bottles of Rolling Rock ($3), a Pennsylvania-brewed beer. To sop it up, revelers can order from English-inspired pub offerings.
Extra points Pittsburgh Dave leads chants like, “Here we go, Steelers, here we go.” After field goals and TDs, people rock out to polka, just like they would in Heinz Field.
Next game Sunday 18 at 3:05pm, Steelers versus Jets

Redmond’s Ale House
3358 N Sheffield Ave (773-404-2151)
Super Bowl odds 125/1
Specials No specials off the pub menu for Purple People Eaters, but Sundays feature five domestic bottles for $15 or five imports for $20.
Extra points The DIY Bloody Mary bar offers more than 20 options. Fans of Joe Buck or Al Michaels will be happy to find the broadcast pumping from the sound system.
Next game Sunday 18 at noon, Vikings versus Raiders

3358 N Southport Ave (773-929-4844)
Super Bowl odds 150/1
Specials $12 buckets of Bud and Bud Light. There’s a full menu, including a KC favorite: the barbecue-beef sandwich.
Extra points The stadium’s ubiquitous, player-praising Tomahawk Chop has been known to make an appearance after big plays by stars like Jared Allen.
Next game Sunday 18 at noon, Chiefs versus Colts

2771 N Lincoln Ave (773-472-2771)
Super Bowl odds 400/1
Specials $2 cans of Labatt Blue, the Canadian brew that’s served in Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. (There’s no food on the menu, though.)
Extra points Just like at the stadium, barkeeps play “Twist and Shout” whenever the Bills score. During commercials, nostalgic Buffalo tunes play over the speakers.
Next game Sunday 18 at 7:15pm, Bills versus Patriots

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