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  1. You are not sorry. Just say you are not sorry.

  2. You can. And you will.

  3. …muster the vocabulary to finish a sentence?

  4. For the survival of the species. It is 2014 and you are quoting Lil Jon. Dude hasn't been relavent since the first Bush administration, oookkkaayyyy?

  5. Most irritating when said by someone who clearly just heard the term and thinks she is hilarious for shouting it at brunch. Mom.

  6. Two words that best sum up why so many people hate Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay. Runner up: Yellow Goop.

  7. YOLO died mercifully in 2013. (Sorry, Drake.) But then FOMO quickly took its place as reigning irritating acronym. Once Verizon uses something in an ad, it is over. Fair warning, James Franco.

  8. The only thing more saccharine-cute than this is Zooey Deschanel sitting on a pink four-poster bed surrounded by 20 kittens in shark costumes. SMH. Oh, add SMH to the list, too.

  9. We understand Twitter only allows 140 characters, but how many more characters is it to just say Agreed? Four. Four characters. 

  10. If you really need one, you might not be long for this world, old man.

  11. Especially food-porn. The last thing we want to think about when looking at food is fisting.

  12. John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight perfectly summed up how this term is misused in its November 9 episode. HBO Go that shit.

  13. Thanks for letting us know that photo of your cat didn’t require enhancing. 

  14. We don’t know the origins of this term, but we wish it would scurry back into its trite den. You are not a David Mamet screenplay.

  15. Oh, I just bet you say "sammich," too.

  16. When the pumpkin latte–sipping, Uggs-wearing, J. Crew-buying crowd this insult is targeting starts using it, it’s time to drown "basic" in Yellow Tail Chardonnay. 

  17. You cannot get away with wearing Pharrell's hats on your head. Likewise, you cannot get away with his words in your mouth.

  18. No, do go on. Give us all 14,000 words of your counterargument to Slate's deconstruction of that Taylor Swift video. I'm sure your old college prof is reading and is totally impressed.

The most overused words and phrases of 2014

We managed to bury twerk, YOLO and cray in 2013. We can do the same for 2014's batch of very terrible words. Believe!


Catchphrases and memes reach ubiquity in mere minutes these days. How ironic, then, that the most annoying of them hang on way past their welcome? Too many of the words and phrases we marched to the gallows in 2013's list have remained in our lexicon (on our parents' Facebook feed, but still).

But we're proud to say that twerk, YOLO and cray are rarely heard now. Was that because we called them out last year? Possibly. We can only hope that 2014's batch of overused words meet the same fate.

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