The top five Time Out Interview quotes of 2012

Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Samberg and more.

 (Photograph: Chris Pizzello/AP Images)
Photograph: Chris Pizzello/AP Images�We proposed to each other with no intention of setting a date, and that was years ago, and since that time marriage equality has passed in New York but not in L.A. where we reside mostly, so I�m most interested in seeing what happens with this whole West Coast Prop 8 situation. I would certainly like to get married for reals, and not just as a fun, fancy night out.��Neil Patrick Harris, June 7
 (Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)
Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP�People found out that I was leaving [SNL] and they�re: �I can�t believe you�re leaving! You just got there!� And I�m like, �I�ve been there seven seasons.� And they go, �Holy shit! Really? Okay. That sounds like a good run.�?��Andy Samberg, June 14
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Photograph: Rex Features/AP�The people for whom the phrase �one-hit wonder� means anything and for whom that is a slightly condescending phrase, they�re not the people I�m making music for.��Gotye, August 2
�We can�t today celebrate democracy in Egypt, democracy in Tunisia, when we have been silent for 40 years supporting dictators who are torturing and killing.��Tariq Ramadan, September 6
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Photograph: Charles Sykes/AP�That�s who I think the Republicans are.They�re the Confederacy. They are really sore losers, not just in the last presidential campaign, but the Civil War. They never got over it, and they never got right about it, either. If you really look at their so-called policies, those are the policies of slaveholders.��Fran Lebowitz, September 20