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We love: AMC River East 21

We don't love shelling out big bucks for parking.

$11 admission + $16 parking + $11 medium popcorn and soda =$38 TOTAL

The AMC River East 21 has become a thriving film destination: Those 21 screens mean lots of titles are shown at once, and it’s done a good job of balancing the blockbusters with arthousey fare. The projection is good, the sound is very good and the concessions are, as such things go, perfectly fine. But the parking? Sixteen bucks after validation. Seriously. If you’re driving, we’d advise hunting for metered spaces, but those are in very short supply in Streeterville. A better bet is public transit, but in that case either you’re going to be transferring—unless you live along the 29 or 66 routes—or hiking over from Michigan Avenue. Not a terrible walk, unless it’s winter. Or raining. Or you’re tired. AMC did not return calls for comment, but given the way parking garages operate in this city, the deal is unlikely to change.
In the meantime Try out AMC’s other downtown theater, 600 North Michigan 9(312-255-9340), which is easier to get to by public transit.