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Your park or mine?

Chicago's green spaces are prime spots for birdwatching-and BJs.

By Jason A. Heidemann |

For decades, Lincoln Park has been a cruising ground for men seeking anonymous sex with men. We checked it out for ourselves and found Montrose Harbor is gay ground zero. Foot traffic in the “Magic Hedge”—a bird sanctuary just east of Lake Shore Drive at the north end of the harbor—has become so heavy that fences were installed “to protect the wildlife.” Be forewarned: If you’re caught with your pants down by Chicago’s Finest, you’ll be taken directly to jail.

We cruised around the area and found more than one parked car with a lone man inside. If lights are flashed your way, it’s a come-on. If you do approach a vehicle, the driver may motion you to hop in or suggest going elsewhere. Hooking up in a car is common anywhere east of Marine Drive north to Foster Avenue.

Take heed: These aren’t Boystown boys. Instead, think married men. Younger cuties are in on the high jinx as well, but they’re more likely to be found on Hollywood Beach on weekdays. One fellow coyly idled on a bench and then followed us right back to our apartment. Let’s just say there’s something to be said for the great indoors, too.

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