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Season five of Archer premieres Monday, January 13 at 9pm on FX.

Archer, Season 5: TV review

The ISIS team goes rogue in the animated spy comedy's new season.


The ISIS organization has never appeared to be one that took a great interest in obeying the law. And so, it's not at all surprising when the new season of Archer opens with the espionage organization getting raided by the FBI for engaging in covert operations without being sanctioned by the government to do so.

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This game-changing development pulls the rug out from underneath everyone at ISIS. No longer able to do their jobs, everyone is now living together in a creepy Tunt family mansion due to all the company assets having been seized. However, in their raid, somehow the FBI missed a truckload of cocaine that was still in the care of ISIS. With no other way to make money, Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and Mallory (Jessica Walter) immediately grasp the idea of arranging an international drug deal to unload it. It's at this point that Archer himself re-brands the show as "Archer Vice," as the team goes full criminal and their plans tailspin into a series of unfortunate events that squander the company's remaining assets in the most foolish and comical ways, all foreseen in an imaginative vision the protagonist concocts after first laying his eyes on their pallet of illegal drugs.

Filled with outrageous and wacky plot twists, season five of Archer continues to deliver raucous entertainment. Lana's (Aisha Tyler) pregnancy, revealed in last year's finale, is a source of constant humor as she continues to be the most competent member of the team and frequently converses with her growing fetus in moments of crisis, rather than turn to her dysfunctional co-workers. Pam (Amber Nash) and Cheryl (Judy Greer) are continued sources of nutso energy as the former becomes ravenously addicted to the contraband cocaine, while the latter sees the ISIS downfall as an opportunity to pursue her dreams of becoming a country singer.

Packed with its usual share of action and comedy, Archer's refresh injects some welcome energy into the adrenaline-fueled animated series as it continues to be one of the funniest shows on TV.

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