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Cougar Town, Season 5: TV review

In its fifth season, Cougar Town is humming along business as usual—and that's not a bad thing.

Darren Michaels Cougar Town's fifth season premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 9pm on TBS.
By Jessica Johnson |

In it's second season at TBS, after being rescued from cancellation at ABC, Cougar Town is still doing what it does best. Since the marriage of Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) at the end of the third season, the show has settled into a comfort zone. Unlike other shows, new seasons tend not to bring on new challenges. Rather, it's just an invitation to hang out with the cul-de-sac crew and play a few games of Penny Can.

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The season premiere finds Jules attempting to be cool about the long-teased coupling of Travis (Dan Byrd) and Laurie (Busy Philipps). A will-they/won't-they relationship that's always seemed more like a should-they, this kinda cute but kinda awkward relationship offers up opportunities for meta-humor and a chance to delve deeper into Jules's unhealthy attention to her son. The one downside is that the two spend so much time sucking face in the first episode of season five that we don't get nearly enough Laurie-isms.

Bob Clendenin's Tom has continued to remain an adopted member of the group and offers even more opportunities for the chance to merge creepy and funny. It turns out that Tom has built a model of the cul-de-sac in his garage where he acts out his own little version of the show.

The new year in Gulf Haven sees an amusing Jaws homage, a rise in the worldwide popularity of Penny Can—and puppies! Through it all, our familiar cast of characters is guzzling wine and cracking wise. Like a warm blanket, it's nice to cozy up to this show once again.

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