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TV Review: Raising Hope, Season Two

The Chance family returns for a second season with a song in its heart.
By Jessica Johnson |

One of the few remaining new comedies from the 2010 television season, Raising Hope tells the story of a white trash family struggling to take care of an unexpected baby. Some of the shows best moments, however, are when little Hope takes a backseat to stories about the rest of the family and in the second season's premiere, we get a chance to see another side of her dad, Jimmy.

While looking through old home videos, Jimmy discovers tape of himself playing piano and singing like an expert. When he asks Virginia and Burt about it, they reluctantly inform that, for a time, he was a virtuoso and that the family had great plans for him. Unfortunately, an accidental knock to the head caused him to lose his talent, as well as any knowledge of it. Desperate to get those skills back, Jimmy enlists the Chance family in helping to reawaken his lost memories.

The season premiere makes great use of guest star Greyson Chance as Jimmy's younger, more talented self, while also giving Virginia, Burt and Maw Maw a chance to shine. It's a great half-hour of comedy, featuring the low-brow but loving humor that makes this show irresistible.

Season two of Raising Hope premiere Tuesday 8:30pm on Fox.

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