© Matej Pilaš

A view from Croatia: Matej Pilaš

Matej Pilaš from Požega takes shots of beautiful landscapes far and wide

Written by
Marc Rowlands

'My interests in photography are mostly with landscapes and nature,' says Matej Pilaš, who is originally from Požega in central Croatia. 'But I’m also doing some commercial work for the small businesses as well.'

'As far as landscapes go, I enjoy spending time outside, exploring nature and I want to capture all the weather changes in the scenery. For me, photographing lightning storms and clear night skies is the most interesting part of it all. Every season has something special and different to offer, but my favourite time to take photographs is during autumn and winter in the dawn or twilight.'

'I mostly take photos in the Slavonia region of Croatia, but in my portfolio there are a lot of photographs taken in another parts of Croatia, or in Slovenia, Austria and lately some from Kazakhstan. Currently I’m in Kazakhstan working as electrical engineer and because of that my photography work is a little bit reduced. One of the goals I had for a long time is to travel the world in a camper van while taking photos of a beautiful nature that surrounds me.'

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