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A view from Croatia: Miroslav Vajdić

Selfless, evocative and iconic shots of Croatia from the long career of one of the country's best recognised photographers

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Marc Rowlands

Photography can be many things. It can be art, it can be work, it can be a hobby. For Miroslav Vajdić, it is a passion. Photography is not Vajdić's full-time job (he works in IT), but entries from his huge portfolio, amassed over three decades, would be recognised by many. That's because his iconic and evocative shots of Croatia have been used on many websites, phone apps and as book and CD covers.

'I like location and documentary photography, documenting changes over time,' says Vajdić, who graduated in photography at Shaw Academy and holds a digital photography certificate from Harvard. 'For me, I think that this type of photography is important and that changes are often best shown in photography. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.'

Looking at Miroslav Vajdić's incredible catalogue of work, most of which is available to see on his Flickr or Facebook pages, you begin to understand what kind of a photographer he is, why his photographs have been used by so many and why he has been exhibited internationally, in places like Berlin, Paris, Cape Town and Singapore; there is a complete absence of ego in his work. Vajdić appears to remove himself completely from his photographs, eschewing any overtly artistic pretensions. He seems to allow the subject matter to tell its own, honest story within the eyes of the viewer. That's not to say that there is no art in Vajdić's work nor that Vajdić is absent; of course, he is there, traipsing through wild, muddy paths, at all hours of the day, throughout every season, displaying a conviction and commitment to obtaining exactly the shot he wants.

His photographs are always framed incredibly well, the compositions perfect. Sometimes we see what we think is a simple, functional photograph, indicative of his selfless approach. At other times, Vajdić's patience and unique eye produce simply breathtaking results. Among his most recent accomplishments, of the top ten photographs from Croatia's debut year in the Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest, no less than three of the winning entries were Vajdić's.

A View From Croatia has previously offered ten of the best shots of its featured photographers. However, in the case of Miroslav Vajdić, it has been impossible to choose such a limited number of examples. It is, therefore, an honour to present this extended tribute to this unique talent of contemporary photography in Croatia.

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