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A view from Croatia: Tomislav Marcijuš

The analogue shots of Tomislav Marcijuš echo Croatia's Communist-era past

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Tomislav Marcijuš is a photographer from Osijek. He is best known for his day job, photographer at Marcijuš Weddings, for which he travels the country. But his interest in photography extends further than happy couples and their special day. He is also the founder of the wonderful Osijek Postcards project and has managed to maintain his enthusiasm for photography to the extent that it remains a hobby as well as his full time job.

Tomislav Marcijuš's personal photos could not be more different from his wedding photos.
'For me, living in eastern Europe can bring an everyday feeling of nostalgia and melancholy,' says Marcijuš, who acknowledges Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky as one of his main inspirations. 'My photos couldn’t have avoided it and my surroundings are what inspire me the most. My personal projects show a different world, the environment in which I grew up and in which I live, a space that can seem empty and uninteresting.'

But Tomislav's shots are far from uninteresting. He photographs Communist-era architecture, framing the brutal buildings in a realistic and sometimes beautiful light. Similarly, he takes photographs of people existing naturally, unposed, in their everyday environment. His use of an analog camera and 35mm film adds to the timeless quality of his work. Looking at Tomislav's personal photographs, you can often imagine that you are seeing something captured 40 years ago; a past that, in this region, still seems to exist today.

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