'Love is stronger than hate' protest scheduled today after tear-gas attack on LGBTIQ night in Zagreb

Written by
Justin McDonnell

After the shocking attack on a LGBTIQ night at Super Super on Saturday night, a protest has been called by Zagreb Pride against escalation in anti-LGBTQ attacks in Croatia, and the Government's silence in condemning them.

'Zagreb Pride demands from the police to carry out fast and effective investigation and to identify and bring to justice those responsible for this awful physical assault on the citizens,' Zagreb Pride said in a statement 'as well as to take all appropriate measures which will ensure peace, safety and human rights of LGBTIQ persons in Zagreb and Croatia.'

'Therefore, we invite the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković, Minister of the Interior Vlaho Orepić as well as Croatian Government to resolutely, loudly and clearly condemn this violent act directed against human rights of LGBTIQ people, Croatian citizens and thereby show that hatred and violence are not the values of our society.'

The protest takes place today at 6.00pm on the Square of the Victims of Fascism/Trg žrtava fašizma.

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