There's a new sculpture planned in Makarska by the creator of Zadar's Sea Organ

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Nikola Bašić, the architect behind Zadar's immensely popular Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun is planning another natural instrument feature on the Dalmatian coast, according to Croatia Week.

The eccentric Sea Organ, inaugurated in 2005 features thirty-five organ pipes emitting unworldly tones through holes bored into the smooth, new paving stones, their size and velocity determined by the waves of the seaThe Greeting To The Sun comprises 300 multi-layered glass plates in a circle, synchronised with the same wave energy. Beneath the glass are solar modules that spring into life at sunset to simulate our solar system.

This shell-like structure will be activated by the Bura winds
Photo: Grad Makarska

The 'Burolina project' will be constructed in Maraksa, a beautifully quaint port town just a hop from Zadar.  The spiralling, shell-like building will host beach facilities and cafes for holidaymakers, and it's crustacean-shaped roof will become fully audible, activated by the fabled Bura winds, working in much the same way as the Sea OrganThe project also includes an addition to the Malacological Museum, a subterranean car park and a pavilion connected to the Osejava hotel beach.

Grad Makarska

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