Harvo Jay
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Introducing... Harvo Jay

New weekly sounds from the Croatian music scene

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Harvo Jay are a young trio from the city of Osijek in eastern Croatia. Some of that city's youth grumble there aren't so many things to do in Osijek; rather than complain, singer/guitarist Hrvoje Dešić, bassist/singer Marko Pernarčić and drummer Šimun Padovan spent their time getting really good at their instruments and writing songs, making their own fun (they also curate Osijek's sporadic, multi-faceted arts parties, Slamanje). Diverse influences such noise rock, Talking Heads, grunge, psychedelic pop and post hardcore don't always come across in their recordings, such as their two EPs, released in 2015 and 2016, or on debut album Sok od agonije (Agony Juice). 'We like to say we play Turborock,' says Pernarčić mischievously, their hard guitar-based rock and sometimes screamed, simplistic lyrics overtly expressing emotion. They are perhaps Osijek's best band of the moment and in 2018 will appear at Nigdjezemska in Zadar (3 Aug), SuperUho Festival in Primošten (7 Aug), Hoomstock Festival. Time Out are happy to debut the video for their new single 'Mlijeko', which will soon join the rest of their material on Harvo Jay's Bandcamp.

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