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Introducing... JeboTon ansambl

Zagreb music collective, often found serenading the city's streets, currently touring their debut album

Written by
Marc Rowlands

JeboTon ansambl are a much-loved group of street musicians, frequently found serenading the public of their home city Zagreb, especially in and around Cvjetni trg (Flower square). Their extensive line up can hold as many as 15 different musicians at any given time and even more appear on their debut album, the very recently released Širi Ljubav Ili Šuti (Spread Love Or Be Quiet) which is available to hear on the JeboTon ansambl Bandcamp page and on Youtube.

Songs contained on the album have been written and honed in live performance over the last three or four years, the ensemble growing out of the JeboTon collective of Zagreb bands which currently includes Peglica i Komandos, Porto Morto, Sfumato and Trophy Jump. JeboTon also used to contain the much-missed bands Lobotomija, Druker, Hren, Prazna Lepinja, Spremište and Antidepresiv. Members of all these fallen heroes can now be found within the JeboTon ensemble or the current JeboTon bands.

JeboTon ansambl is an acoustic outlet for these musicians, many of them playing in more electrified form within their other projects. Their sound is one of acoustic guitars, bass and hand percussion, backed with brass and violin, their vocals delivered collectively in rousing and largely optimistic manner.

Like many, the group have ditched their home city of Zagreb this August in order to tour the coast, promoting Širi Ljubav Ili Šuti, bringing good vibes wherever they go and making healthy seaside-dwelling teenagers feel good about their own physiques with the revelation of their scrawny, pale Zagreb torsos. After playing Zlarin, Prvić and Šibenik, they will appear in Split on Tuesday 21 August, in Drvenik, just south of Makarska on Wednesday 22 August, in Dubrovnik on Thursday 23 August and in Nikšić, Montenegro on both Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August. After the seaside sojourn, they will appear at Festival uličnih svirača - Gradić fest in Novi Sad, Serbia, which takes place from Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September, before returning to Zagreb for an official album launch at KSET on Friday 7 September.

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