Time Out says

One of Croatia's best new bands plays a free outdoor gig in Karlovac

Formed in Brela, on the Dalmatian coast, Ischariotzcky are without doubt one of Croatia's best and most exciting new pop rock bands. Recent concerts in Zagreb have only added to the rumour that this group are the next big hope for the Croatian music scene and the fact that they sing in English only adds to their viability as an international export. Their widescreen, intelligent and ambitious sound is showcased on debut album 'Recovery', released in 2018. Their extensive line-up includes Joško Klarić (vocals and keyboards), Petra Klarić (vocals), Jure Brekalo (drums), Petra Šošić (vocals and keyboards), Jakov Puharić (guitar), Stipan Popović (acoustic guitar), Ivan Srzić (bass guitar), Borna Augustinović (percussion), Danijel Curić (trumpet), Tea Bašković (trombone) and Valentino Juras. This event occurs as part of the Living Room Festival.


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