10 amazing sunset spots in Zadar

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Lily Colgan

For once, the superlatives are justified: Zadar's sunsets are dazzling. An epic smouldering visage of red and pinks set against the Zadar archipelago, Alfred Hitchcock famously declared it the most beautiful sunset in the world. Zadar's Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun are galvanising visitors to this city of burning skies, but beyond its iconic sun-saluting sculptures there are a myriad of other beautiful places to watch the sunset. Have a look at this Instagram gallery to see our favourites.

Five Wells Square and the Grimani Bastion 

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Discover this spot at the entrance to the gardens of Queen Jelena Madijevka, at the southern boundary of the Old Town.

Spiridion Brusina

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Ponder the universe with a founding member of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences outside the beautiful philosophy department of the University of Zadar.

The Riva 

Take a step back of the waterfront and sit in the park lining the Riva promenade to watch the sunset through the trees.


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Find striking views of the sun setting over the Old Town from the Branimir footbridge.


This sliver of pebbled beach is a ten-minute bus away from the city centre, past Marina Borik. Walk right to the end of the beach to catch a dramatic sunset.


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Swing right at Borik Marina towards the Falkensteiner Hotel beach. These giant wooden piers are hidden just beyond the bay.


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You can get a lovely view of the little Foša harbour and the Lion Gates from the walls of the gardens of Queen Jelena Madijevka.


A short walk out of town, through the Lion Gates, Kolovare has long been a favourite hangout for locals. It's a bit rough around the edges: braying kids backflip off the diving boards, while everyone else takes refuge among the pines, playing cards or boules.


Hop on your bike and take a 30-minute scenic coastal route out of town. Bypassing the suburb of Arbanasi, reach the new ferry port to catch a dramatic sunset.

Get up high

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Zadar is a relatively short city, so if you're lucky enough you might be able to watch the sunset from your window. If the view from your holiday-home overlooks a brick wall, climb the Grimani Bastion or the Cathedral Bell Tower to get a panoramic view like this one. 
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