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A new exhibition by well known Croatian graffiti artist CHEZ 186 opens on Tuesday 12 February. The exhibition is entitled '31 Days' and features ten of the artist's most recent spray can works.

CHEZ 186 has been active on the Croatian graffiti scene for over two decades and is one of the movement's leading lights in the country. His first paintings were done using spray cans, in his native Slavonia. Naturally, his style has progressed considerably since those early days.

The great flatlands of the Pannonian basin, in which Slavonia is located, can sometimes be a frustratingly dull environment for a growing man, particularly if you hold little enthusiasm for tractors and local gossip. CHEZ 186 found a way to escape the usual everyday occupations of a youth in the region by entertaining himself with art. His chosen form of expression, graffiti, is one of the four original pillars of hip hop culture.

CHEZ 186 has previously used walls, roofs, abandoned buildings and train carriages as canvases for his work and his best-known works remain those that exist outdoors on permanent public display. In recent years he has also produced works in the studio on more traditional artist canvasses.

As an artist, he uses bold, bright colours which are a frequent facet of graffiti art. But, CHEZ 186 is also regarded as a rule breaker within the medium, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft. His works sometimes lie in sharp contrast to their surroundings, but in others, he has also chosen more muted colour schemes that enable his works to exist harmoniously within their environment.

'31 Days' opens at 8pm on Tuesday 12 February at Lauba and the exhibition remains open until Wednesday 20 February. Entry is free.

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