20 cool modern building designs in Croatia

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An internet search for 'Croatian architecture' throws up a marvellous gallery of baroque, Roman and Austro-Hungarian masterpieces. But what about Croatia's modern structures? Glassy pyramids, curvaceous white-stone structures and intricate lighting design are trademarks of contemporary Croatian architecture. Celebrate the beauty of modern Croatia with our pick of the country's coolest building designs.

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1) Uljanik shipyard

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2) Lone Hotel

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3) Neanderthal Museum

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4) Gumno House


5) Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

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6) The Sea Organ, Zadar

7) Design Hostel GollyBossy

8) Rijeka Mosque & Islamic Centre

9) Zagreb Arena

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10) MSU Zagreb

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11) Mountain Lodge

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12) Gordan Lederer memorial

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13) Donassy Open Atelier

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14) One Suite Hotel

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15) Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium

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16) Mulini Beach Bar 

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17) Zagreb TV Tower

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18) Savski Nasip
19) Zamet Sports Centre
20) Memorial Bridge

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