Channel One Sound System, Jannis Stürtz, Martha Van Straaten and Guts announced as headliners for Goulash Disko

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Goulash Disko has announced its initial lineup including Guts, Channel One, Habibi Funk's Jannis Stürtz, Polish folk five-piece The Freeborn Brothers and DJ Martha Van Straaten. 

Totally crowdfunded and sponsor-free, Goulash Disko is an independent festival that cares about nothing but music and music-lovers, set in the gorgeous coastal village of Komiža on the island of Vis. Unlike many of the UK-run big guns, Goulash Disko limits tickets to just a thousand people, keeping performances intimate and ensuring that there's plenty of festival magic to go around.

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The musical theme is dizzyingly diverse, a global mash-up that encapsulates tropical rhythms, Balkan jazz, electro, funk, dubstep and everything in between - quite often in the same set. French electronica producer Guts will be a highlight; also look out for Cigarra, Thomas Von Party, and Bwoy De Bhajan.

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Check out the festival's page for more details.

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