Croatian artist Stipan Tadić will illustrate the 28th Animafest in Zagreb

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Lily Colgan

The annual Animafest held in Zagreb attracts some of best art and progressive animation from around the world. Second only to Annecy in terms of its global significance, the festival reaches a huge audience and as such, so does the awesome artwork chosen to represent the festival. Animafest has just announced that Stipan Tadić will create the official illustrations for the festival.

As one of the most visible Croatian artists of his generation, participating in group and solo exhibition around the world, this decision celebrates a progressive direction in contemporary Croatian art, something that Tadić has continuously redefined with his academic approach to modern and popular art forms.

Stipan Tadic

Personifying this year's theme, Horror in Animation, Tadić's design for the poster depicts an anatomically surreal cross-section of a man. The design is inspired by what he has described as the psychedelic forms and mutation of shapes within the body, along with his love of the trippiness of late '60s and early '70s aesthetics. Somewhat differing from the style of his other works, Tadić has suggested this marks a new stylistic form. In the name of Animafest, Tadić will also be exploring a new media: animation. Collaborating with animators, filmmakers and musicians Petra Balekić, Luka Hrgović, Luka Šipetić and Dino Santaleza, he will be illustrating the official trailer for the festival too.

Stipan Tadić

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