© Grad Daruvar
© Grad Daruvar

Croatia's oldest ginkgo tree takes second place in European Tree of the Year finals

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Lara Rasin

242-year-old Adam, a ginkgo bilboa tree living in the Slavonian city of Daruvar, is runner up European Tree of the Year! Voting was open to the public during February, and over 250,000 votes were cast for 16 finalists. On March 17, the top three trees were announced: first place went to the Czech Republic's Guardian of the Flooded Village, second place to Croatia's Adam and third place to the Russian Federation's Lonely Poplar. 

Adam graces the front of Castle Janković in Daruvar along with his faithful companion, Eve - and they're the oldest trees of their kind in Croatia. The pair was brought from China to adorn the baroque-style castle and its grounds, which were completed in 1780.

Ginkgo Daruvar

© Davor Kirin

Male ginkgo trees like Adam (whose trunk has a seven-metre circumference) are generally shorter and wider, while female ginkgo trees like Ever are slimmer and taller. A ginkgo's circumference can reach 9 metres, and its height 30 metres. Adam has been protected as a natural monument since 1974, and, as a gingko balboa tree, falls into a tree family that has flourished for over 270 million years. Ginkgos' leaves and seeds have been used since prehistoric times to today medicinally, blossoming from April to May and providing mature seeds from October to November.

Adam is the second Croatian tree to become a finalist in European Tree of the Year awards' 10 years of existence. The other Croatian finalist was a 500-year-old plane tree from Trsteno, which won 7th place in 2018.

Congratulations Adam, many fans rooted for you!

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