Vote: Ginkgo tree in Daruvar in finals of European Tree of the Year

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Marc Rowlands

The Ginkgo biloba tree which stands in front of Castle Janković in Daruvar is in the finals of European Tree of the Year award. Voting has just opened and this elegant 242-year-old deserves your vote. It is only the second Croatian tree to reach the finals of the 10-year-old European Tree of the Year awards. The other previous Croatian entry – the massive plane tree, the symbol of Trsteno - won 7th place in 2018.

The Ginkgo biloba tree in front of Castle Janković in Daruvar © JU-Priroda-BBŽ 

Daruvar's Ginkgo biloba aka maidenhair tree has been protected since 1967, has a trunk circumference of seven metres and is the oldest of its kind in Croatia. Ginkgos have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. In autumn, their leaves turn an incredible saffron yellow colour. When their leaves finally fall to the floor, they create an incredible carpet of colour.

A Ginkgo tree in China drops its leaves in autumn

Ginkgo biloba's are the last surviving subspecies of a tree family which dates back as far as 270 million years. Daruvar's tree will compete with finalists from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Slovakia, United Kingdom.

Daruvar's Ginkgo biloba in autumn © Grad Daruvar

Voting is open only between February 1 and February 29. Voters must choose a first choice and a second choice (pick your second choice intelligently if you want the Daruvar Ginkgo to win!). Voting is simple and easy, but you must enter your email address and confirm your vote using the email you will be sent. The competition website is available in all European languages, including English and Croatian.

You can vote for Croatia's entry, the Daruvar Ginkgo, by following this link.

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