Flagship Kraš chocolate shop relaunched in time for Easter

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Popular confectioners Kraš dates right back to the Zagreb-born Union chocolatiers of the early twentieth century, a company that supplied chocolates to the royal courts of Vienna and Budapest. These days, Kraš chocolate bars are a common sight in Croatian homes. The company's product range spans from fancy nougat creations to childhood favourites like Animal Kingdom (Životinjsko Carstvo) and their classic Dorina bars.


Kraš has re-opened its flagship store as a swish new bonbonnière in time for Easter. Located near the Flower Square, the chocolate shop has been based in downtown Zagreb since 1980.

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Besides the boxes of old favourites stocking the displays, Kraš has considerably upped its chocolate game. Chocolatiers are producing hand-made pralines and 'shattered' chocolate bars in different flavours every week. Check in store or on the website for details

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