Four epic pop art images from diversity-celebrating exhibition 'Love Wins'

Written by
Ivor Kruljac

An exhibition of pop art by artist Jasmina Krajačić is currently on display at KIC Club. The colourful exhibition 'Love Wins' stands in opposition to discrimination on the grounds of race, gender and sexual orientation. Krajačić's works address the worrying rise of misogyny, nationalism, homophobia and intolerance under a general global drift to the far right wing of politics.

Uplifting in its stunningly colourful images, it is nevertheless an exhibition that stands against the marginalisation of people that do not fit a narrow definition of acceptability and respectability. The artist's main message is that love has no norms, prejudices, gender, race, nationality, rules, labels, doubts or fears.

Jasmina Krajačić is a Zagreb-based painter. After graduating from the Applied Arts School in Zagreb, she enrolled in the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and in 1992 earned her degree. In recent years she has been inspired by several visits to England, with the contemporary art, music and pop culture of the country a particularly strong influence, especially the punk movement.

The exhibition is currently on display at KIC Club, is free to view, open every day and runs until Sunday 18 November

by Ivor Kruljac

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