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Franck donates over 300 000 kuna worth of coffee and tea
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Lara Rasin

In cooperation with the Croatian Red Cross, for the second time this month, Franck has donated coffee, tea and accompanying self-service machines worth more than 300 000 kuna. Donations went to health professionals, emergency service employees and volunteers of the national Civil Protection Headquarters and the Red Cross across five cities: Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek and Split.

Franck also organised direct deliveries to the Andrija Štampar Teaching Institute of Public Health, the Sisters of Mercy Hospital and the Croatian Association of Nurses.


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Operating for over 125 years, coffee production house Franck dates back to 1827, when German entrepreneur Johann Franck decided to transform the medicinal chicory plant into a coffee substitute. The first branch in Croatia was opened 65 years later in 1892 on Zagreb's Vodovodna street, where its headquarters are still located. The company is the region's leading coffee producer today, making all types of coffee blends. 

This feature is part of Time Out Croatia's commitment to support businesses, commerce and non-profit organisations during the period of social distancing.

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