Free art displayed across Croatia today for 'Art in the Street' day

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Although there's a breeze in the air, it's a bright and sunny day across Croatia. And today, the sun is shining its rays down on hundreds of artworks that are being displayed outdoors for the 'Art in the Street' (Art na Cestu) day.

Photographs, paintings, drawings and poems are just some of the works that have been pinned to public buildings or temporary display lines, each with the message 'Adopt me' (Udomi me) attached, inviting the public to take home for free anything they see which they like.

This is Art in the Street's third annual occurrence. The ambitious scheme is organised by the Karlovac-based art collective F12 and marks World Community Art Day. With the event, F12 hope to encourage the idea of art as a tool for social development and to make it accessible to all.

Last year, the event featured some 25 artists who exhibited around 135 works in the Croatian cities of Karlovac, Zagreb, Zaprešić, Velika Gorica, Osijek, Zadar, Varaždin, Marčan (Vinica) and Sisak.

This year, towns and cities such as Kutina, Dugo Selo, Djakovo and Šibenik have also enthusiastically 'adopted' Art in the Street, with a sister event also taking place in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. This year, for the first time, artists working in media outside of painting and drawing have contributed, including writers, musicians, performers, poets and makers of arts & crafts.

The event began at midnight last night and continues until midnight tonight, so keep a look out for anything you see in the streets today. If it carries a label saying ' Udomi me', be sure to give it a good home.

All photos © Valerio Baranović

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