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From food and flowers to pharmaceuticals: Glovos got the goods
Written by
Lara Rasin

Bursting onto the delivery service scene

What began as a Barcelona startup in 2015 is currently supplying self-isolated citizens across the world with safe access to any and all usually store-bought goods. The on-demand delivery app operates across four continents, 22 countries and 105 cities, carrying out orders - of which they've had over 25 million so far - within 45 minutes (although average delivery time is 35 minutes!). The dynamic digital marketplace allows users to not only receive, but also send, just about anything; from business documents and pharmaceutical products to groceries and meals. 

Thriving across Croatia

In Croatia, Glovo lends its services to Osijek, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and Zagreb.

The company's Croatian partners are not only popular restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Batak Grill and Submarine Burger. Florists, bakeries and supermarkets are also on the delivery list. Branching even further, Glovo's app has an 'Anything' option through which users can order (just about) whatever their hearts desire. Glovo's couriers are nicknamed Glovers, and they use cars, scooters and environmentally (and traffic) friendly bicycles. 

By paying with card upon order, or with cash upon delivery, citizens can run errands, enjoy fine dining and more - all from their couch. This is currently extra-convenient given that most of Croatia is in self-isolation. 

Putting safety first

Glovo has revved up security and sanitation measures in accordance with the guidance of the World Health Organisation and Croatia's official health authorities. Aiming to help their partners (most of which are local restaurants) stay afloat, provide citizens with everyday essentials and help make all of our time inside sweeter by delivering special treats, Glovo will stay operational unless directed otherwise by authorities.

New measures have been implemented at the company to ensure safety for all involved (customers, couriers, partners and employees):

For customers

* Signature-less delivery - customers no longer have to sign for orders upon delivery
* 'No Contact' delivery - drop-offs allow customers to request that orders be dropped at a particular place of their choosing
* Digital payments recommended - in order to limit direct contact between customers and couriers

For couriers

* Providing masks and gloves to couriers
* Implementing a communication channel that is monitored 24/7 for issues related to Covid-19

For partners and employees

* Recommendations for the sanitizing of delivery bags, handling procedures and placement on designated surfaces
* Hygiene updates for staff, users, couriers and partners regarding best practices and World Health Organisation guidelines
* Suspension of employee travel and events and establishing teleworking for all employees - with special attention for vulnerable groups (pregnant women, those with pregnant partners, those in charge of at-risk groups, employees who have recently travelled to an affected area, etc.) 

When you can't go into the city, Glovo brings the city to you.

This feature is part of Time Out Croatia's commitment to support businesses, commerce and non-profit organisations during the period of social distancing.

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