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Germans flock back to Croatia

Nearly a quarter of all foreign tourists in Croatia in 2022 came from Germany, according to annual figures just released

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PJ Cresswell

According to figures just published, nearly a quarter of all foreign tourists to Croatia in 2022 were Germans. Looking at the annual figures for hotel nights spent in the country, Germany accounted for 23.6% of them, with neighbouring Slovenia and nearby Austria accounting for around 7.5% each.

With Croatia entering the Schengen zone this year, and no formalities at borders, the lack of bureaucratic restrictions should further enhance these numbers from 2023 onwards.

While Britain was responsible for the largest increase in visitor numbers per country, a rise of 200+% when compared with the pandemic year of 2021, overall British tourists only made up just over 3% of the annual influx.

As we recently reported, when looking at the picture by region, the once struggling city of Vukovar attracted a record number of guest stays in 2022. The largest number of visitors overnighted in Istria.

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