Street artist Lonac unveils two new murals at the MSU

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Hats off to Zagreb-born artist Lonac who has unveiled two giant murals painted at The Museum of Contemporary Art. The paintings, collectively titled 'hat wearers', appear on the walls of the gallery located in the Novi Zagreb area. The murals complement the current exhibition of photorealism at the museum, highlighting the contribution made to the genre by Croatian artist Jadranka Fatur. The completed works are available to view now, and fans of Lonac are invited to attend the museum on Tuesday 18 December at 6pm when they will be able to see a film made during the process of the artist constructing the pieces.

Zagreb-born Lonac is a recognised name on the art scene of his hometown. Since 2013, he has been a member of the P_3 platform, and since 2016 a member of HDLU. Best known for the huge murals he paints on the side of buildings, his grandiose works and the characters he depicts in them, usually based on people he knows or, in this case, those captured in photographs in his home city, can be seen on walls in Grenoble, France, New York and Nanxian in China. One of Zagreb's most famous contemporary artists, he has a worldwide fanbase.

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