Is 'Masters of the Universe' the next blockbuster to be shot in Dubrovnik?

Written by
Daryl Mersom

He-Man may soon be pitted against his nemesis Skeletor in Dubrovnik, for the remake of 'Masters of the Universe'. 

The original sci-fi, in which evil Skeletor vies with He-Man for control of Castle Grayskull, was a total flop at the box office but is now considered something of a cult classic by fans of the genre.  

Under the direction of David S. Goyer, who worked on 'Blade: Trinity' and wrote 'The Dark Knight,' it looks like Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish body-builder who played the original muscle-bound hero, will return for the remake of the 1987 film - but this time in a minor role.

The film has been in planning stages for a few years now, and with production planned for this spring, some are speculating that Dubrovnik might be a key filming location.


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