Island near Pula has Croatia's only eco-class beach

Written by
Marc Rowlands

One of Pula's beaches has received the classification of eco-beach. The beach is found on Veruda island, located in the bay of the same name. Locally the island is known as Frater island.

To receive the classification a beach must be as natural as possible, respecting the environment, its plants and its wildlife. Eco-beaches are not developed by tourism or intruded on by commercialised aspects.

Pula's eco beach is located on the north side of Frater island, near the main pier and the reception of the nearby campsite. The beach is 350 metres long with an average width of 12 metres and lies just in front of a forest of pine trees.

Frater island © Michele Federico 

During the summer, a popular camp is organized on the island, frequented by visitors who prize the island's untouched natural beauty. Scouting troupes are just one of the groups who take advantage of the camp. Scouts are perhaps well-equipped to deal with the island's distinct but minor challenges because, although the city's water supply is connected to the island, there is no mains electricity on Frater island. The island is also very popular with groups of divers, the surrounding waters being protected and rich in sea life.

Frater island is connected to Pula all summer by a boat which takes only 10 minutes, making the island and its eco-beach a viable day-trip for tourists and locals alike. However, in order to preserve the beach's special status and the island's environment, visitors are asked to observe special rules such as leaving no litter, not interfering with plants and wildlife, not bringing amplified music equipment and holding no fires while there.

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