Flower Buds
Nikolas Pfanner / Time Out Croatia

New art installation brightens Grič Tunnel in Zagreb

Once a bomb shelter, the pedestrian tunnel under the historic Upper Town has been transformed by a new art installation

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Nikolas Pfanner

Built during World War II as a bomb shelter, the Grič Tunnel currently features a unique art installation, on show until September 25.

Abandoned until the 1990s when it again was used as a bomb shelter during Croatian War of Independence and even hosted some of the first raves in Croatia, today the tunnel acts as a pedestrian shortcut under the medieval heart of Zagreb, the Upper Town.

In the middle of the tunnel, a large, cavernous space now displays an art installation titled Flower Buds. The piece is made entirely of discarded umbrellas, tarpaulin and plastic bags destined for landfill. The artwork made by the team of Ana Mikin, Jelena Petric, Marta Grbešić, Vesna Kolarec and Damir Šimunović is meant to cause reflection on new uses for, and the beauty in, the things we might otherwise throw away. The installation is part of the Artpunktura event currently happening around the city.

The installation is free and open to the public, accessed from either side from Mesnička ulica 10 or Radićeva ulica.

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