Rijeka rules 2020

Written by
Lara Rasin

Rijeka is the first Croatian city to be designated European Capital of Culture. For its big year, the city has prepared a jam-packed event programme that revolves around three special themes. The first theme chosen by the 'city that flows'? Its lifeline; water. The Rječina River flows through Rijeka (which translates to 'river' in Croatian), and the Adriatic Sea ebbs beside it. This theme centres on biodiversity and ecological issues. Next up is work, which was once industry-focused in Rijeka. Factories flourished during the 19th and 20th centuries, from shipbuilding and oil to - torpedos (invented by Rijeka-native Ivan Lupis in 1866). Through its past, Rijeka explores what work means in a post-industrial world. The third theme is migration, which built this port city of arrivals, departures and intertwining cultures. Migration itself, along with appreciation of diversity, will take the spotlight.

There's no better time than now to dive into Rijeka.

Rijeka won't rest in 2020: its event programme includes oodles of art, tradition and sheer fun.

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