Six murals from this year's Graffiti Na Gradele festival on Brač island

Written by
Marc Rowlands

The eighth annual Graffiti Na Gradele Festival took place over last weekend. The festival is a celebration of hip hop culture and is best known for the amazing street art or graffiti which it leaves on the walls around its host town of Bol, the southernmost major town on the island of Brač.

The mural of Rijeka artist Mosk (pictured above)

Lunar's mural (pictured above)

This year, attendees were entertained by DJs and live performances from popular local hip hop acts such as Bad Copy, Krešo Bengalka and Vojko Vrućina plus High5, 30 Zona and Buntai.

Erase and Arsek's mural (pictured above)

Tony Star aka Stefan Stanojević's mural (pictured above)

Artists travelled from across the region to attend the event and those who left their mark on Brač included Malakkai, Bulgarian artists Erase and Arsek, Serbian talent Star plus some of Croatia's well-known graffiti artists like Lunar, CHEZ 186, Sarme, Casino, Royal, Senkone, SMACK184 and Anxio. Although the festival's 2019 edition is now finished, visitors to Brač island can still go and check out the artworks left behind.

Two sides of the same building, a mural made in collaboration by Chez 186, Sarme, Casino and Royal (both pictured immediately above)

Malakkai's mural (pictured above)

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