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Slavonian man improves relations with wife by moving into a tent

Everything's fine again now he's moved out

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Marc Rowlands

In these unprecedented times, people are finding different ways to cope. In news reported today by the SiB.hr news portal, one man's solution to being stuck inside with his wife has been to move out of the house and into a nearby tent.

Speaking anonymously, the man's neighbour told the portal the couple have been happily married for 30 years. But, it seems the pressure of being around each other so closely during the social lockdown was too much, even for such a strong union. The relationship had become frayed.

Since the man pitched his tent in the nearby locale, the neighbour was happy to report that relations between the man and his wife have returned to their usual excellent and friendly standards.

"My neighbour has been in his tent for a few days now,” he told the portal. “He puts up a table and chairs in front. Occasionally our other neighbour comes over to drink some rakija (with him). I visited him too.”

The neighbour reported that the man put his decision to quit the home down to boredom more than anything else. Even after being together happily for 30 years of marriage, to be around each other 24 hours a day was apparently just too much. The neighbour begged the portal not to reveal the exact name of the village where they live in order to maintain a peaceful neighbourly atmosphere, but it is in the surroundings of the Slavonian capital, Osijek.

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