The final series of Game of Thrones starts filming in Dubrovnik

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Production of HBO's epic TV series Game of Thrones has begun in Croatia, returning to the iconic walled city of Dubrovnik which has served as the location for the fantasy city of King’s Landing since the shooting of series two.

HBO are striving to keep the filming of the eighth and final series as private as possible. Extensive security and big fences erected around the parameters of the set obscure the production from watchful eyes. Unlike the previous series, Dubrovnik's residents haven't been cast as extras, adding an extra layer of secrecy to the shoot. That said, plenty of photos have been leaked of actors and extras milling around Dubrovnik - including a few appearances from the show's leading stars.

Spoiler alert

Kit Harington has been spotted in full regalia at the Minceta Fortress in Dubrovnik, sending the internet into a spin of giddy conjecture. Jon Snow's first visit to the King's Landing is BIG news for throne-heads, the source of many fan-theories circling around the final season's storyline. Rumours are that Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) who has just finished a shoot with Harington in Iceland, could be joining the GOT crew in Dubrovnik.

Game of Thrones filming locations have become a huge selling point for the city, inspiring hundreds of thousands of fans to descend upon Dubrovnik in geeky pilgrimage - take a look around the historic filming sites here.

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