The world's first 'Hangover Museum' opens in Croatia

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Ever laughed so hard while drunk that the only adequate way to describe your night is 'legendary', but when you wake in the morning the all-important details are missing from your memory? Have you woken up in a place and can't remember how you got there or who that person is you woke up next to in bed? Was it burglars who left that half-eaten burek, traffic cone and upended bottle of water on your bedroom floor and should you, therefore, call the police immediately? Or, does your headache demand that an ambulance is more urgent than the cops?

Recalling details of drunken escapades is often way more difficult than the six-metre public monument or street light you tried to climb the night before. But, don't worry. A new museum in Zagreb opens this December to assist your recollections (whether you prefer to be reminded of them or not!)

The 'Hangover Museum' arrives in the Croatian capital just in time to help you document this December's many nights of free-flowing alcohol and seasonal sprees on the booze. The museum's display will guide you through that frequently-forgotten route which begins when you stumble out of the club or bar and then pass through streets or nature which are silent except for the Bon Jovi or Sinan Šakić classic you generously gift to your sleeping neighbours. Like the taxi driver whose accent you insulted, the museum will leave you safely back at home within reach of the painkillers and coffee you'll soon need.

Zagreb's Hangover Museum is the idea of, yes, you guessed right, a group of students. Like all students, this enterprising group clearly have priorities for their educational years in exactly the correct place. Theirs is just the latest in a long list of imaginative and weird museums that can be found in the Croatian capital. Zagreb already has weird and wonderful offers such as the Museum of Torture, the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Illusions.

The Hangover Museum opens on December 1st and, like your drunken celebrations, will continue until at least January 1st 2020.

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