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UofZ Academy of Dramatic Art students plan 'Drive in Culture' project
Written by
Lara Rasin

Students from the University of Zagreb's Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) are actively responding to COVID-19's effect on students' lives as well as the field of culture. 

ADU student-founded Sabmarine production company is launching an outdoor cultural content project called Drive in Culture. A statement about the project from Sabmarine's Facebook page reads: 

'As students of the Academy of Dramatic Art, cultural workers and founders of production company Sabmarine, encouraged by the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to influence the development of culture, assist its reconstruction and also its revitalization. In this time of crisis, even though we must follow social distancing measures, community is very important, and culture is the key factor that constitutes community.

The goal of Drive in Culture is to remind society of the importance of art through outdoor presentations of old and new Croatian films as well as solo theatrical, dance and concert performances. Creating free film and theatre events in the open is a unique blend of culture and fun for all citizens, who will be able to watch from the comfort of their automobiles, in line with social distancing rules.'

The University of Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, founded in 1861
University of Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, founded in 1861© Drönar Robban

The project is also of a humanitarian nature - funds raised will be used to support University of Zagreb students affected by the crisis. Many students have been left without a source of income, their projects have been cancelled, and the ability to work through student contracts is limited right now. A lot of students fund their education and living expenses by working in cafés, shops and other public spaces which are currently closed.

'Drive in Culture' will be launched as soon as epidemiological measures allow, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Civil Protection Staff. Right now, Sabmarine is focused on initial preparation, partner recruitment, volunteer recruitment and venue booking.

The organisers invite all interested in supporting culture in Croatia and helping Zagreb students during this turbulent time to contact them via Facebook page or email

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