Where is Croatia? The question the rest of the world is asking

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Time Out contributors

Residents of the Balkans know exactly where Croatia is, as do thousands of holidaymakers who have previously visited its sunny shores. But the rest of the world? It would appear that many have little idea.

As previously reported in Time Out Croatia, leading search engine Google have just published their annual end of year search results. And one of the most searched for destination queries has seen thousands asking where Croatia actually is.

2018's top 10 “where is” searches on Google

1. Where is Villanova University
2. Where is Croatia
3. Where is Parkland Florida
4. Where is Hurricane Florence
5. Where is Hurricane Michael
6. Where is my polling place
7. Where is Pyeongchang
8. Where is Amazon based
9. Where is Paradise California
10. Where is Prince from

The high ranking of Croatia on this year's list has no doubt been prompted by the Croatian national football teams unprecedented success at the 2018 World Cup. Could this new interest from those previously ignorant to Croatia's location translate into an increase in visitor numbers in 2019? Perhaps we'll have to wait and see, but if you hear a lot more American accents here next year, you might be able to explain just why.

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