Zagreb Cable Car
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Zagreb’s cable car reopens

Not just for skiers, Zagreb's cable car provides breathtaking views of the city that would only otherwise be visible by helicopter

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Nikolas Pfanner

In many ways, Zagreb is unique among European capitals. Unlike London or Paris, it wasn’t settled along the banks of a river, but instead built into the foothills of a mountain. From Medvednica’s leafy peak, you can take in a panoramic view of Zagreb and its surroundings. Until recently, reaching the top, with its restaurants and ski slopes, has been difficult without a car or a long trek up the mountain, but now the Sljeme cable car has finally reopened to the public.

Beginning at the lower station at the end of Gračanska cesta, the cable car hoists you into the air in a comfortable six-person cabin, up and over the foothills and straight to the peak. On the way up, you'll discover some of the best views of Zagreb, framed by the valleys running down the mountain. 

Nikolas Pfanner | Time Out Croatia

Once at the peak, there’s plenty to do. If you go in winter, several popular ski slopes set off from here, near a cluster of year-round cafés and restaurants. And, of course, there’s that unbeatable view. To the south, you can see the whole of Zagreb, to the north, the region of Zagorje and, in the distance on a clear day, Slovenia.

Before setting off, check the cable car’s website to make sure it's operating. Bad weather or periodic scheduled maintenance can sometimes shut down the service. Even if you don't intend to go skiing, the cable car is a must for any visitor to Zagreb, both as a means of transport and as an experience in and of itself.

Cable car station
Nikolas Pfanner | Time Out Croatia

How to get there: The cable car can be reached from the centre of Zagreb by trams 8 and 14. Then transfer to the 15 tram at Mihaljevac, that turns around at Gračansko dolje, a few steps from the entrance to the cable car’s lower station.

Tickets: Return tickets are 125 kuna, with discounted prices of 75 kuna for 15-24s and 30 kuna for under-15s. See the full list of ticket prices on the cable car’s website

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