Kino Kinoteka celebrate Independent Cinema Day with short films, documentaries and free screenings

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Kino Kinoteka, one of Zagreb's best loved independent cinemas, is celebrating Independent Cinema Day with a special programme of events. Independent Cinema Day occurs on 7 November, but Kino Kinoteka's have spread their schedule of presentations to mark the occasion over several days. Their programme includes a weekend of documentaries, a series of short films and the free screenings of two classic cult movies.

The programme begins on Tuesday 6 November with free screenings of classic short films by regional directors Zvonimir Berković, Nikola Babić, Rudolf Sremca, Brun Gamulin and Bogdana Žižića. The free screenings continue on Wednesday 7 with a showing of classic kids movie 'The Karate Kid', in which karate teacher Mr Miyagi famously tries to catch a fly using chopsticks and utters such memorable lines as 'Walk left, safe. Walk right, safe. Walk in the middle, you get squished like grape.' A much more serious affair, Thursday's free screening is Alan Parker's at times harrowing tale of an American imprisoned in a notorious Turkish jail for smuggling drugs; 'Midnight Express' is surely one of the most effective deterrents against attempting such.

The weekend of documentaries begins on Friday with 'Fahrenheit 11/9' by Michael Moore, in which the director travels across America examining the opinions of voters and the media in order to explain why Donald Trump won the US presidential election. On Saturday, director Vitaly Mansky who lives in Russia travels his native Ukraine exploring the after-effects of their recent revolution as seen through the eyes of his extended family who live on both sides of the pro-Russian and pro-Ukranian political divide.

All movies start at 8pm and the screenings which are not free cost 15 or 20 kuna.

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