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Nikolas Pfanner | Time Out Croatia

Zagreb’s Kino Tuškanac hosts a major Michael Mann retrospective

Running January 25-30, the cinema is showing nine of Mann’s best-known films, including Heat and Miami Vice

Written by
Nikolas Pfanner

Known for his intense and realistic style, Michael Mann has body of work that includes some of the best crime films of the 1980s and '90s. 1995's Heat is probably his most widely seen feature, with a career high-water mark performance by Al Pacino. The climax, a shootout after a bank robbery in central Los Angeles, is the stuff of legends for its edge-of-your-seat tension and incredible sound design, which utilised the real sound of blanks on set. His films are more than schlocky action and violence though, with strong emotional cores, well rounded characters, and each with a tightly tuned colour palate and visual style.

Beginning Wednesday, January 25 and running for the next week, Heat, along with eight other Mann films, including Manhunter (1986), The Insider (1999), Miami Vice (2006) and Thief (1981), will show at the Kino Tuškanac, as part of a portrait of the filmmaker's work. Tuškanac is one of Zagreb's best art theatres, and this series should not be missed by any lover of film. 

For the full schedule, visit the theatre's website. Films are screened in English with Croatian subtitles. Tickets for each showing cost €4 and are sold in the lobby at Tuškanac 1.

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